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JIDP is an innovative project that aims to connect with and create more access to people with fewer opportunities, in this case adolescents with intellectual disabilities (ID), and to promote their social and cultural integration through sport.

JIDP is a project that brings together seven organizations from six European countries (Croatia, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Switzerland) with the aim of continuing a series of parallel experiences in the development and implementation of adapted judo sessions for adolescents. with intellectual disability (ID).

This project is mainly aimed at adolescents with ID, but it will also have positive effects on parents and citizens in general. The project is designed to promote sport and physical activity and use sport and social inclusion as a vehicle to promote friendship, solidarity, and mutual knowledge of different cultures, guided by principles such as social inclusion, sustainability and training volunteers and sports technicians who deal with this group.

This Project starts in January 2024 - please re-visit for updates and progress of the project