Community and Social Inclusion

We promote, develop and foster inclusion in society through our adaptive/inclusive judo programmes.

We promote and raise awareness of the importance and benefits of movement/exercise for people with physical, sensory, social and intellectual challenges.

We advocate and promote inclusion in all our activities, but also recognise the importance of special/additional needs and autism specific programmes.

Where appropriate we integrate and reverse integrate our athletes with our mainstream groups so everyone can learn and grow together.

We host multiple events throughout Ireland inviting adapted athletes to attend where the emphasis is equally focused on the social and judo opportunities. Family members are fully encouraged to get involved and share their experiences in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Sporting Opportunities

We encourage and promote physical and social activities for people with physical, sensory, intellectual and social challenges.

we promote and develop opportunities and facilities to enable, assist and enhance the participation, enjoyment and performance of adaptive/inclusive Judo.

We focus on the ability of the individual and not the disability.

Our teaching methodology is adapted to suit the needs of the athletes involved in each grouping, with a clear focus on individual ability and the physical, social and emotional benefits of all who participate in whatever capacity they can.

Judo Assist activities have been recommended by Occupational and Physio Therapists as it assists with individuals who present with sensory seeking behaviour, low muscle tone and gives an excellent opportunity to socialise.


Education, Research & Development

Judo Assist Ireland is an active member of the EU Erasmus+ programme in conjunction with our international partners.

We have developed and delivered many comprehensive adaptive coaching programmes, seminars and workshops in person, online and as part of the Judo Ireland National Coaching Programme. Such educational sessions have also been delivered throughout Europe and North America.

Our Courses and awareness programmes are ever evolving, keeping up to date with current research, developments and trends.

Our Coaches are consistently upgrading their knowledge and qualifications in areas specifically enhancing the quality of the Judo Assist experience for our participants.

Judo Assist Ireland will continue to use technology and media to promote and make accessible our available resources, with the goal of increasing awareness of the benefits of Judo for all in its truest form.


Projects and Scale

> We have Adapted Judo partners in all 4 provinces in Ireland in 16 clubs.

> We organise and run the annual International Tipperary Friendship Games features 200+ national and international athletes,      (Adapted & Mainstream)

> We created an Online Virtual Grading program (Covid 19 – 2020/2021)

> We wrote and recorded our own “Fighterz” Inclusion Song (community awareness & fundraising project)

> We organise National Inclusion days

> We deliver Adapted Coaching Courses & Workshops in person and online

> We wrote and developed our Judo Games Manual volumes 1 - 4