Upcoming Events

First World SN Judo Games
The very first fully inclusive Special Needs World Judo Games will take place in Beverwikj,
Netherlands next April.  
1st - 2nd April 2018         for more information Click Here

Tipperary Open Judo Friendship Games
14th Oct 2017 in Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland
Irelands only fully inclusive Judo tournament  -  download entry form here

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Our Proud Supporters & Sponsors

Below is a list of confirmed events for 2016/17 so far. The list will be added to as more information becomes available

James Mulroy
President & Founder Judo Assist Ireland
Vice President International Special Needs Judo Union
International SN Coach & Tutor
International/Special Olympic Referee

Tel: 067 38951 / Int: (+353) 67 38951
Mobile: 086 061 2544

email: info@specialneedjudo.com

Judoka Bears Special Needs Judo Tournament
3rd Sepember 2017 in Bucharest, Romania
Romania's first special needs judo tournament-  download entry form here